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Einstein stressed that lifelong learning should be a focus because personal growth stops where there’s no learning.

Continuous personal development is a necessity for top professionals, but failure rates are alarmingly high, Harvard Business Review states.[i] When a survey was conducted of over 1,000 people who worked on personal development, as many as 96% of them failed to achieve any results.[ii] Research concludes that the reason for it is that personal development should be a group activity, not something to be learned in isolation.[i]

August Turak, author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity, points out that life-work balance, punctuality, and the integration of personal development in life are key factors for successful personal development.[iii]

Here are top 10 personal development skills that leaders and professionals can integrate in their life and work:

Work-Life Balance 1 Maintain a healthy balance between work and life
Time Management 2 Prioritize, delegate and use resources to manage time better
Active Listening 3 Listen to understand and respond appropriately
Self-Confidence 4 Manage your emotions and fears, and deal with others’ negative behaviors positively
Communication Skills 5 Use the right tone and voice for communicating clearly and confidently
Emotional Intelligence 6 Stay aware of your and others’ emotions to build healthy work relationships
Leadership 7 Have the vision, communication ability, and management skills to influence and direct others
Problem-Solving Ability 8 Recognize problems, consider options, and make the best possible decision
Organizing 9 Use ways to organize tasks, time and materials
Body Language 10 Use correct body language to communicate suitably







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