Top 10 Administrative Skills for Today’s Office Administrators – Tampa

In a survey conducted by OfficeTeam and the IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) of more than 2,200 administrative professionals, 50% of the support staff said that they have skills that are not being tapped, while 7% felt completely underutilized.[i] Only 43% said that the full range of their skills and talents are being utilized.  Such waste of resources cause heavy loss to the company; not once but continuously.

To fix the problem, OfficeTeam identified areas that administrators desire to be engaged in. These include getting involved in the business’ social media presence, recruitment of new employees, and customer service.  Additionally, for today’s administrators to excel, the following set of traditional and latest administrative skills are a must:

Recruitment and Selection 1 Ability to understand and implement the process of selection of new employees
Communication Skills 2 Be able to communicate positively and productively
Time Management 3 Know how to prioritize, organize and delegate to manage time
Writing Skills 4 Ensure written documents are error-free, and written in a clear and precise manner
Computer Basics 5 Have basic computer skills to operate the different applications and networks
Organizational Skills 6 Organize time and tasks for better clarity and efficiency
Manage Personal Productivity 7 Set smart goals, reduce distractions, schedule and track to increase productivity
Understand Social Media 8 Be able to monitor and communicate on social media
Customer Service 9 Develop relationships with customers and engage them positively
Handling Workplace Diversity 10 Tackle biases, and promote fairness and objectivity





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