Top 10 Skills for Professional Trainers – Miami, Orlando

For a professional trainer, the greatest measure of success is the success of the participants. Therefore, it’s essential for a professional trainer to have a special set of skills designed to impact the course participants in the desired way.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority states that the most vital skills a trainer needs are knowledge and practice of training and their subject.[i] Alongside these, a trainer also requires certain other essential skills, including those in communication, presentation, facilitation, and evaluation. Following is a list of the most important skills for trainers:

Presentation Skills 1 Be able to create presentations and deliver them clearly and confidently
Facilitation 2 Know how to engage, manage and direct people and teams
Communication Skills 3 Communicate with clarity, precision and influence
Creativity 4 Use creativity to handle situations on the spot
Measuring Results from Training 5 Identify and measure the different results of training
Public Speaking 6 To speak to an audience with confidence and control
Active Listening 7 Listen in a way to understand and respond suitably
Continuous Learning 8 Engage in learning continuously to develop skills further
Organisational Skills 9 Organize tasks to save time and effort
Time Management 10 Prioritize, set goals, and delegate for better productivity





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