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Only 56% of strategic initiatives are successful, a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit states.[i] The reason for it is poor implementation. In the survey, 61% of the respondents admitted that their firms struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation.

“Strategy is intensely personality-and-relationship driven,” Roland Pan, Director of Strategy for Skype, said. Therefore, top project managers use leadership, prioritizing, communication, result tracking, and good planning to complete projects within time and budget. They have a general oversight to manage projects, and the ability to implement plans.

Here are top 10 project management skills that are crucial for leading project managers:

Knowledge of Project Management 1 Manage projects to deliver specific results on time and within budget
Leadership 2 Build and lead teams around a positive work culture
Strategic Planning 3 Analyze, plan and set goals to implement a strategic plan successfully
Communication 4 Use powerful communication to help understand, influence and motivate others
Team Building 5 Create productive teams and keep them dedicated and motivated
Goal Setting 6 Plan, and set achievable and accurate goals
Effective Management Skills 7 Have necessary management skills such as strategy building, supervision, result tracking, and resource utilization
Motivation 8 Keep employees involved and interested in the project
Supervision 9 Delegate and supervise to reduce problems and improve productivity
Organization and Prioritizing 10 Plan and prioritize for proper organizing of materials, time and tasks





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