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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Professionals by pdtraining in Chicago
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To feel the elevation of accomplishing what you wanted to achieve, you need to know what makes you want to work.

To make your work and life more satisfying, consider developing your EQ by participating in the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Professionals by pdtraining in Chicago and other cities in the U.S.

Whether your goal is large or small, to achieve it you need to work towards it diligently. To achieve anything, you need discipline and work. This hard truth becomes harder because we would rather laze around than to work more. With a thousand distractions owing to technology, we are more tempted to entertain ourselves than to work harder to achieve our goals.

The most effective way to make yourself do what you want to do is to motivate yourself. Any kind of motivation will not do. You need to target your motivation to your personality, preferences and goals.

What Gives You the Most Happiness/Satisfaction?

Adults are goal-oriented. We only make an effort when we believe that our efforts will provide us or others (family, friends, charity, etc.) with something. To know which kind of motivation will work for us, we need to first know what we want to achieve.

If one of your goals is to get a promotion, for instance, you need to know the larger purpose of why you want to get promoted. It can be to elevate your professional status, to get a raise, or to prove to your parents that you can do it. After identifying the core purpose of why you want to do what you want to do, you can create your targeted motivational plan.

For getting a promotion you may need to put in more effort and time at work. To motivate yourself to work harder, consider doing the following:

  • Adjust your workspace – You may feel better working harder if you have a comfortable, even luxurious, workspace. Depending on the core purpose of wanting to be promoted, you may place motivational images or texts at places in your workspace where you are most likely to notice them. It is also a good idea to make your workspace more personal.
  • Include fun breaks – Instead of overworking, which puts you in danger of burning out, you may include short fun breaks where you do what you enjoy doing the most. It can be watching football highlights, playing a short game, or listening to a song you enjoy. Avoid listening or watching motivational material more than once a day. A dose of motivation in the morning, if good enough, should last you a day.
  • Recognize and reward yourself before others do – Knowing that you have achieved a milestone in your journey to a large goal is all the motivation you need to carry on. Recognize your efforts, congratulate yourself, be proud of your achievement, and reward yourself even before anybody else even knows what you did. Before you prove your capabilities to others, find the satisfaction of proving to yourself what you are capable of. You will find that you have got more than you bargained for.

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