Body Language Training in Manhattan – How Body Language Changes Your Self-Image

Sometimes, how you see yourself and how others see you can be different.

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Body language is not only about your physical body. It has a close connection to your feelings and thoughts too. The way you carry yourself, speak and interact with others affects how you think about yourself, and visa versa. For example, if you are uncomfortable when meeting strangers, then you will not think of yourself as a sociable person. In the same way, if you believe that you are not sociable, then you are more likely to feel uncomfortable when among people.

Change from Physical to Psychological

You can use your body language (physical) to alter your self-image (psychological). For instance, even if you are not a naturally confident or assertive person, you can train your body to mirror the body language of a confident and assertive person. You will see that just by looking the part, you will begin to feel the part.

Some of the body language signals of an impressive personality that can be adopted are:

  • A straight but relaxed posture
  • Calmness and openness in facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Smile and laughter
  • Using hands to signal
  • A consistent tone of voice
  • Being comfortable with yourself
  • Showing respect to others by bowing, greeting, hugging, etc.
  • Listening attentively when others are talking
  • Moving around instead of standing at one place

Using these body language signals, you can reveal to others that you are a confident person. At the same time, you also begin to alter your image of yourself. When others think that you are a confident person, then their response to you changes. Their changed response will also help you to build up your self-esteem and feel a more confident person.

Break Your Self-Image Barriers

Each one of us has certain complaints with ourselves. It can be qualities such as a quick temper, stubbornness, being talkative, extravagance or anxiety. Think about what qualities you do not like about yourself. Mark the five top qualities of yours that you are not happy with. Then pick up the first one and begin to use your body language to defeat it. If the topmost quality you have marked is anger, then you must begin to change your facial expressions and body language to reveal the exact opposite. Smiling, laughing, having a pleasant expression on your face, having kindness in your eyes, and being relaxed and content will help you to keep your temper in control.

The changes in your body language will change the image you have created in front of others and for yourself. A person with a pleasant, smiling face and kind words is not expected to burst out in anger. Others’ reaction to your personality and their expectations from you will make you respond to situations differently. As you can also feel your gestures and expressions, you will also begin to break the self-image you have created of yourself as a short-tempered person.

If you are willing to change your negative self-image, then your body language can come in handy to affect the change. An important advantage of using your body language to build your self-image is that you can begin to see the results of your efforts quickly.

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