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Having fun while at work de-stresses you, improves your stamina, and makes you popular!

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course offered by pdtraining in Baltimore, Orlando
Build a relaxed and fun work environment

Learn how to manage your emotions and the emotions of others by participating in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Professionals offered by pdtraining in Baltimore, Orlando and other cities in the U.S.

We are fed that work is burdensome. Most people complain about their working hours and how hard they have to work. Rather than the actual work, it is the negative attitude that is damaging. It is scientifically proven that negativity adversely affects our body and mind. If you are negative for eight hours, five days a week, then it will have a bad impact on your work relationships and also personal relationships. To avoid negativity from damaging your relationships at work, you need to bring in fun into work. Here’s how you can do it.

Be Collaborative

You must look for ways to involve others in what you do. Even if your work is such that you cannot include anyone in it, you may include others in your activities through other ways. For example, you may ask your colleagues if they want to have coffee when you are taking a short break or tell them something funny while on your way to the washroom. Keeping yourself involved in your work environment, and with the people in it, will help you to develop the feeling of belongingness.

Even limited social interaction will make you feel a part of your work environment. Whenever you communicate at work, always keep the conversation positive and upbeat. Avoid people that bring negativity.

Laugh at Yourself

It is believed that laughter, even if fake, relaxes our body and mind. It is best to begin by laughing at yourself. That shows others that you are naturally humorous and liberal. After you have established that image of yourself, even if you laugh at others (without saying anything offensive, of course), they will understand you and laugh with you.

In the beginning, you might need to make an effort to see an everyday work situation as funny or to take things lightly. To develop this habit of spotting the good and the humorous, you will need to make a conscious effort to eliminate negative thoughts and embrace the humorous. Once you start doing it, you will see how much fun it is to see things differently than most other people. It is still better if you share the fun with others.

Make the Toughest Tasks Seem Achievable

In tense situations at work, people are usually stressed or angry. Adopting this attitude does not help the resolution of the problem in any way. Conversely, it damages the mental and physical well-being of the person. When facing tough situations or conflicts at work, make them seem achievable. Positivity and motivation goes a long way in making the journey to achievement easier.

Even if only your colleagues are impacted by a difficult situation, you may help them by providing encouragement. You may not even know how exactly they should resolve the problem, but just by showing confidence in them, you can help them to feel empowered.

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