Training in Body Language in Miami: Body Language Signs to Avoid

There are many body language signals that express negativity, and are best avoided.

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Avoid negative expressions

Body language can express as many emotions as verbal communication can. While we do not allow ourselves to say bad words to others, we often do not check ourselves when our facial expressions, gestures or body movements express negativity.

Some of the body language signs that you must avoid include:

1. Crossing your hands or legs

Crossing your hands or legs is a stance that expresses resistance and defense. It tells the other person that you are not comfortable and are holding yourself back.

2. Rolling your eyes

Many people get into the habit of rolling their eyes. As a person is making eye contact with you while having a conversation, rolling of eyes is easily noticed and is offensive to the other person.

3. Stroking your hair while talking

When you are talking to someone, they expect your full attention. If you are stroking your hair, rubbing your hands, inspecting your fingernails or fiddling with something while conversing, it tells the other person that you are not interested in talking to them.

4. Turning your body away

If you are talking to a person and you turn your body away as if to go, it indicates that you wish to end the conversation. If the other person picks up this signal, it will not be pleasant at all.

5. Fake smiles

A person can easily identify a fake smile from an authentic smile. If you do not feel like smiling but want to welcome the other person or show appreciation, you may use words or another gesture such as a slight bow to express likeness, gratitude, etc. In short, replace a fake smile with an authentic gesture.

6. Excessive movements

Many people when they are nervous begin to make excessive movements such as hurriedly walking, talking fast or making exaggerated hand gestures. When you are nervous, know which signs you usually make that express your nervousness and control them.

7. Tapping your fingers or foot

When a person begins to tap their fingers or foot, it means that s/he is disinterested in the conversation, is impatient or is nervous. Avoid tapping your fingers or foot when the other person does not know you well and can interpret the sign negatively.

8. Slouched shoulders and bad posture

A person with a good posture is seen as confident and smart. Conversely, a person with a bad posture, especially with slouched shoulders, shows that s/he lacks self-confidence. Try to improve your posture by exercising regularly.

9. Avoiding eye contact

When conversing with others, we must look them in the eyes. A person that avoids eye contact reveals that s/he is nervous and lacks confidence. Never stare at the person, but pay attention to what they are saying while holding eye contact.

10. Touching the back of your head, nose, ears

When you repeatedly touch the nape of your neck, nose or ears, it shows that you are nervous. If you find yourself doing that, take deep breaths and try to relax. Comforting thoughts, moving to a familiar place or person, and thinking about the larger picture can help you to cope with nervousness.

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