The Control Phase of Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt Certification Training in Baltimore

The Control phase involves maintaining the results achieved through a Lean Six Sigma Project.

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What is Control Phase?

The Control phase of Lean Six Sigma ensures that the results achieved through the previous phases of process improvement are sustained. This phase is equally important, as it helps to maintain and achieve high productivity continuously. When the optimum results of a process are controlled, it helps to stabilize the output so that effective planning can also be done in other areas.

In this phase, results are monitored and corrections are made where lapses occur. A chart for the controlling of a process is created and data regarding the performance of a process recorded in it. Creating a Control chart helps to:

  • Identify changes in a process over a long period of time
  • Plan further changes in a process effectively
  • Monitor and adjust changes to a process in the future
  • Identify errors, defects and lapses more easily
  • Determine recurring defects

Removal and Prevention of Defects

During the Control phase, defect prevention is conducted along with defect identification and removal. In Lean Six Sigma, the two goals of early identification of errors and the removal of their root cause are given much importance. As the root cause of a defect is identified and eliminated, the possibility of its reoccurrence is either removed or reduced drastically. This leads to reduced variability in the process, and an increase in the stability of the output.

The process of measurement, data collection, and elimination of defects is continuous. Due to the highly effective and result-oriented approach of Lean Six Sigma, companies around the world have adopted it for process improvement and management.

Benefits of Sustainable Results

Without Control, the benefits of a Lean Six Sigma project cannot be sustained for long durations. By providing stability and sustenance in results, it allows companies to enjoy:

  • Greater productivity that is sustained through an effective system
  • Lower costs due to removal and prevention of errors
  • Enhanced quality (as processes run at their optimum level)
  • Greater customer satisfaction (due to enhanced quality, effective manufacturing, and timely meeting of demand)
  • Better planning (due to the stability in systems and processes)

Yellow belts are an integral part of the implementation of a Lean Six Sigma project. They are responsible for undertaking various tasks under a Lean Six Sigma project that requires basic knowledge and skill level in LSS. Yellow Belts are guided by Black Belts and Champions in what they are required to do. To confidently and successfully carry out duties under an LSS project, a clear and comprehensive knowledge of every methodology of Lean Six Sigma, coupled with sufficient skills to conduct simpler tasks, is a must for Yellow Belts of LSS.

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