Continuous Improvement Through Lean Six Sigma – Awareness Course – Dallas, Los Angeles, Manhattan

Lean Six Sigma allows companies to achieve continuous improvement in processes by using its process improvement and cost reduction practices.

 Lean Six Sigma Team Members Awareness Training Course offered by pdtraining in Dallas, Los Angeles, Manhattan
Gain essential skills in Lean Six Sigma

If you are looking to gain knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, participate in the Lean Six Sigma Team Members Awareness Training Course offered by pdtraining in Dallas, Los Angeles, Manhattan and other cities in the U.S.

Lean Six Sigma provides an effective method of process improvement where the results are measurable, and are based on the analysis of relevant data. A major advantage of Lean Six Sigma is that it provides continuous improvement by constantly controlling and monitoring the results achieved by the implementation of its other practices.


The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) practice under Lean Six Sigma ensures that goals are clearly defined, the improvement measured for sustenance, the data analyzed, and the improvements expanded and controlled. In other words, DMAIC allows processes to be optimized and the optimization to be sustained.

Drastic Improvement or Incremental Improvement

Lean Six Sigma allows both small incremental and drastic improvements in a process. Depending on the kind of change an organization desires, specific goals are created. In both the methods, improvement achieved is continuous.

As expected, when drastic changes are done, the improvements achieved are substantial. In the case of smaller incremental changes, the processes reach their optimal level gradually, providing better quality and reduction in cost over a longer period of time. Depending on the capability and the design of an organization, one of the two methods are chosen to be implemented.

Continuous Improvement of Processes

The advantage of Lean Six Sigma is that it is data-driven, where the data is continuously monitored and analyzed to identify weaknesses in a process. Early identification and removal of an error or a defect helps processes to run at their optimal level, leading to enhanced production. Removal of defects also helps in the reduction of waste, which leads to a decrease in the cost of production. This gives companies the capability to produce better quality products/services at lower costs, and to sustain it.

Typically, Lean Six Sigma is used to reduce variability in processes, cost reduction, and producing better quality products/services. These are directly linked to customer satisfaction, as they affect the pricing and the quality of the products/services, the two key factors in ensuring customer satisfaction. Due to continuous improvement and sustained optimization of processes, companies are able to achieve more growth and stay highly competitive.

Rooting Out the Root Cause

Lean Six Sigma treats the cause of a defect after its identification. When it spots an error in a process that is bringing down its efficiency, it recognizes the root cause of the error and eliminates it. In this way, the error is removed from its root so that it does not occur again. When this elimination is continuously done, it makes a process run at its optimal capacity at all times, leading to enhanced quality and production. As errors are removed from their root, it also leads to the saving of costs in fixing errors again and again.

The methodologies of Lean Six Sigma are designed to provide a safer, more productive, and more efficient work place where mistakes are prevented and corrected as early as possible.

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