Self Development for Personal Assistants and Secretaries – Foundation Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants Training Course – Manhattan

Executive assistants perform various types of work in a day and, therefore, need various skills to become successful.

Foundation Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Manhattan
Enhance your personality and skills

If you are a personal assistant looking for self-development, then participate in Foundation Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Manhattan and other cities in the U.S.

Personal assistants need to manage, organize, schedule, and plan events and communications. Along with managing tasks, they need to manage themselves too. For both personal and professional development, executive assistants need training.

There are two methods of getting trained: one is to self-train and the other is to receive training from experts in the field. Self-training is more convenient, but takes longer. Professional training, on the other hand, provides quick and more targeted learning, but has a cost. Whether you choose to self-learn or use professional training, these are the areas that you need to work on:


The most essential skill for executive assistants is the management of tasks and time. Prioritizing tasks is a method of organizing that saves time and helps in the successful completion of tasks. You may make separate lists of important and urgent tasks. Important tasks may be long-term, and urgent tasks will be short-term. After completing urgent tasks, which are again prioritized, you may move to important tasks (which you can prioritize).

Effective management not only saves time, but also makes your job less stressful and chaotic. By managing tasks well, you benefit in saving time, and visa versa.


Even though communication may not make it to the list of important skills to develop for most of us, it has the power of changing attitudes, behavior and decisions. If you have the capability to say what you ought to say at the right time, then you will see the following benefits:

•     Improved relationships
•     More confidence
•     Less misunderstandings and conflicts
•     Better control over others, tasks and oneself
•     Job satisfaction

As communication is used every day and in almost every situation, you must look to develop your communication skills for greater success at your job.


For professional success, following basic business etiquette is essential. Professional etiquette includes the following:

•     How to greet others and introduce yourself in-person, over the phone and through electronic medium
•     Using good mannerisms such as politeness, generosity and empathy
•     Appropriate manner of dressing
•     How to hold conversations
•     How to eat at the office and outside the workplace

Conducting yourself professionally and handling communications with others effectively is a necessary quality for an executive assistant to have.


To manage loads of paper files, electronic conversations and telephone communications, you need organization skills. For organizing files, you may create folders with categories, both electronic and physical. You can use different colors, or tags to identify categories. Only keep the materials that you need frequently close at hand. Other stuff can be kept away so that it does not clutter your workspace.

A little time spent in sorting and organizing helps to save more time in finding things later. It provides you with clarity in your thoughts and work, which makes you feel less stressed.

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