PD Training Signature Series – Minute Taking Training Course

Since its introduction on our training schedule, the one-day Minute-Taking course quickly became one of PD Training’s (PDT) most popular professional development training events.  With the view to create the best learning experience for our clients, we’ve re-developed this course and branded it as part of the PDT “Signature Series”.

The bespoke Minute Taking Course will prepare all participants to accurately and effectively conduct the high-pressure role of taking meeting minutes, by utilising the extensive benefits of the Leading Dimension Profiling Tool (LDP).

We based our new Signature Series courseware around this powerful personality tool, and with the help of our certified team of training professionals, our participants will receive tailored, immersive and effective training to improve their personal and professional lives.

By using the LDP personality profiling tool, every trainer can assess the personalities they are going to encounter before they enter the room. By giving our team the chance to adjust and personalise the specific course before beginning the program, it ensures our participants receive effective training from a certified trainer. We focus on collecting extensive feedback, which has consistently told us that the more we can align our courses to the needs of the individuals, the more beneficial the entire experience.

Another key benefit of our Signature Series courses is they provide PDT with the unique ability to provide Return on Investment Figures (ROI) for every client. The inability to measure and produce clear monetary returns from an intangible investment, such as professional development training, has been a significant obstacle for the training industry. PDT, and more importantly our clients, can now measure the return on investment for pre-determined business KPI’s via our Training Management Centre.

By differentiating ourselves within the professional development industry, we found that the current courseware and training framework no longer served the needs of our growing client base. If we wanted to keep providing the best adult learning available, then we needed to make some radical improvements. We collaborated with industry leading instructional design professionals, our certified training team and our internal support staff, to re-develop and re-build this unique courseware.

We have incorporated new technologies (devices, apps, etc) and the latest in instructional design techniques, to create a unique training experience that improves skills transfer and the participant’s experience.

Key Skills Taught Include:

  • Identify and Overcome Potential Problems
  • Creating a Pre-Meeting Plan
  • Improve Active Listening
  • Various Methods of Minute-Taking
  • Minute Taking in the Digital Age
  • Creating an Action Plan

It is our mission at PD Training to help every professional who is charged with taking and recording meeting minutes to improve their own skills and become a crucial part of any team in any environment. With the new Minute Taking Course and the rest of our Signature Series, each participant will receive an industry leading professional development experience.

For more information or to book a Minute Taking Training Course, follow the link: https://professionaldevelopmenttraining.com/courses/minute-taking-training-in-atlanta-baltimore-boston-charlotte-chicago-los-angeles-new-york-miami-orlando-philadelphia-seattle-and-us-wide

Or speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 855-334-6700

We look forward to helping improve your Minute-Taking skills!

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