Workplace Impact: Good Supervision Versus Poor Supervision – Training Course in Manhattan, Seattle

“Supervision is an opportunity to bring someone back to their own mind, to show them how good they can be.” – Nancy Kline, author

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The impact supervisors have on their employees and the work environment is huge. It is said that the manner in which the employees are treated is the way in which the employees will treat others. Therefore, the responsibility of a supervisor is much more than just making sure that the work is done properly and on time.

Characteristics of Good Supervision

A workplace with good supervision gets more done without stress or negativity. To generate an atmosphere of goodwill, enthusiasm and fun, supervisors need to build and maintain relationships and a work culture based on best supervision practices.

The top 10 characteristics of excellent supervision necessary for creating a productive and positive work environment are:

  1. Good communication

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    Build good supervision habits
  2. Flexibility
  3. Valuing of employees
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Practicing before preaching
  6. Approachability
  7. Motivating employees
  8. Tolerance
  9. Fairness
  10. Confidence and conviction

Good supervision leads the employees to be satisfied with their jobs so that they make an effort to enhance their skills to do better. As the atmosphere in which we stay deeply affects our psyche, relationships and work performance, the impact of good supervision cannot be underestimated.

Characteristics of Poor Supervision

Just as good supervision improves relationships and productivity, poor supervision makes way for conflicts, lower performance levels or work burnout, tension, and poor work relationships. Mismanagement of employees directly impacts the quality of work and job satisfaction. If an employee is not managed properly by a supervisor, problems crop up where none existed. Poor supervision almost always makes good employees leave.

The top 10 characteristics of poor supervision that supervisors must avoid at all costs are:

  1. Authoritarianism
  2. Disrespect towards employees
  3. Insufficient help provided to employees
  4. Biases
  5. Lack of accountability
  6. Rigidity
  7. Lack of empathy/unforgiving
  8. Avoiding honest communication
  9. Egoism
  10. Allowing negativity and problems to grow

Advantages of Good Supervision

From greater employee retention and better productivity to the creation of a dynamic work environment, the benefits of good supervision touch every area of work. Handling employees effectively positively impacts everybody: employees, supervisor, and the company. It not only helps to meet the goal of employment, but also makes the journey to that goal pleasurable. Companies that have excellent supervisors enjoy greater productivity, enthusiastic employees, fun work environment, and good work relationships.

Disadvantages of Poor Supervision

Supervision that does not assist employees to grow negatively impacts morale and performance. If supervision is not good, then it is poor. Lack of skill or unwillingness of a supervisor are two major reasons for poor supervision. It leads to good employees to leave, and develops dissatisfaction with the job among employees that choose to stay. Job dissatisfaction leads to poor performance and work relationships. It is a chain that begins with poor supervision of employees and leads to losses for employees, the supervisor and the company.

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