What To Do Before Delivering Training: Train the Trainer Training Course in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Manhattan

There are certain crucial factors that you must review before and during a training session.

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For conducting a successful training session, much planning and preparation is required. Creating an effective plan is as important as having a firm grasp of the topic. To help you in planning and delivering training, we are sharing a few tips.

 Train the Trainer Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Manhattan
Keep improving your training techniques

When planning a training session, consider reviewing the following:

A few days before the training

Plan how to welcome the trainees and introduce yourself

Plan the introduction on how the training will proceed

Establish ground rules for behavior, breaks, activities, etc.

Rehearse your material

Consider if you need to take permission from the trainees or others for activities such as video recording, demonstrations, etc.

Test your equipment and re-test them again a few hours before the training

Prepare a checklist of the materials you and the trainees will need during the training

Prepare for unexpected events such as a power cut, disruptive behavior from participant(s)

Make adjustments in your training depending upon trainees’ expectations and qualifications


Hours before the training

Check and adjust the seating arrangement

Place and test your equipment

Organize your training material

Check the training facilities, including those required for the training

Check and place the takeaways

Prepare to welcome the participants


During the training session

Quickly understand the attitude of the participants

Ask if the participants are comfortable

Keep taking feedback from participants during the training

Identify areas that may cause disruptions by the participants

Adjust your training to keep the learners engaged

Stay in control at all times, of yourself and the training

A training session can be called successful if every trainee is satisfied with the training. Even though each individual’s personality, skill level, and expectations differ, you can identify commonalities, and tweak your method of training to make learning easily understandable, valuable, and fun.

A trainer must ensure that preparation for the training is immaculate so that there are no interruptions during the training. Disruptions due to lack of planning and preparation reveal unprofessionalism, which can cause the trainees to loose respect for the trainer or the training faculty. Therefore, spending time in planning and preparation is immensely important to conduct a good training session. Even if there are disruptions due to unforeseen events, a trainer must be able to handle them confidently, expertly and with patience.

Conducting a near perfect training session is not difficult if the right techniques are used for its planning, preparation and deliverance. Trainers must create their own list of tasks to complete and review before and during training so that they are better able to handle the training and provide the best learning experience to the trainees.

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