What Are the Top Ten Supervisory Skills Required in Orlando?

Top 10 Supervisory Skills – Orlando

Supervisors in Orlando, USA have the difficult job of bringing the best out of their staff. Though it sounds simple, this requires a unique set of skills. According to Indiana University Bloomington, the role of a supervisor includes goal setting, decision-making, time management, delegation, and communication.[i]

But that is not all. A first-level supervisor must also excel at coordinating, planning, organizing, and setting priorities; the Harvard Business Review believes.[ii] For supervisors to succeed in their job, the top 10 core skills to acquire are:

Communication 1 Communicate clearly and precisely through verbal and non-verbal mediums
Technical Knowledge 2 Have basic computer knowledge, and understand the various equipment and systems
Goal Setting 3 Know how to set goals that can be achieved smoothly and with minimum of waste
Motivating Employees 4 Keep employees enthusiastic about their work
Delegation 5 Understand the different roles and delegate responsibilities accordingly
Decision-Making 6 Weigh choices, research and analyze when making decisions
Change Management 7 Be aware of change, and know how to handle it through proper planning and system
Meeting Management 8 Manage minute-taking, attendees, and outcomes of a meeting
Time Management 9 Prioritize, delegate and manage tasks effectively
Organization 10 Organize tasks for better clarity and management



[i] https://www.indiana.edu/

[ii] https://hbr.org/1980/03/let-first-level-supervisors-do-their-job

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