Use Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills in Sales: Training in Manhattan, Miami

Whether you are talking to customers over the phone or in person, your communication skills will have an impact on the response you receive.

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Excellence in communication can make our handling of people and situations easier. Many times, our inability to express ourselves articulately results in losing control over situations or missing opportunities. For a sales executive, communication is the primary tool through which sales must be conducted. Therefore, mastery in both verbal and nonverbal communication is highly required

Verbal Communication

When you speak, it is not only the words spoken, but also the tone, pitch and speed affects your communication. If you speak too fast, people might find it difficult to understand you. If you speak too softly, again, people will have difficulty in hearing you. As a professional salesperson, you must work on the tone, pitch and speed of your voice to make it soothing and pleasant to hear.

The pitch of your voice must neither be too high nor too low.

  • Speak from the diaphragm and not the throat. Your voice will gain a good base.
  • Speak out the words fully. Check the clarity of your voice.
  • Check your pronunciation. Tell your family or friend to correct you when you mispronounce.
  • Gain consistency in tone. You must not fluctuate between high and low pitch often. Keep the tone consistent.
  • Try to sound energetic and happy even when you are not. Put in the energy into feeling good. It will be expressed in your voice.

Articulation matched with an excellent voice can do wonders in sales, as it gives the sales professional the extra edge in persuading and influencing customers. Along with the quality of the product/service, the presentation also matters. Therefore, to sell better and to sell consistently, you may find it important to develop skills in support.

Customers like businesses that pay attention to quality, and they see it first-hand in the way they are treated at a company store or an office. Begin providing great value to customers even before they have made the purchase.

Nonverbal Communication

Verbal and nonverbal communication must match. If you are using words that contradict your body language, then it can be detrimental to your reputation. The easiest way to match your verbal and nonverbal communications is to be, not act. If you believe yourself to be committed to providing excellent service to customers, your body language will automatically match your will and so will your words. On the other hand, if you do not wish to help a customer, but you are forcing yourself to, then you will be consciously using certain words and matching your words with your body language.

Some of the ways to develop a positive body language are:

  • Check your posture. A good posture is a sign of confidence.
  • Make eye contact when talking.
  • Smile often. Let the pleasure reach your eyes.
  • Never use negative signals such as rolling of eyes, making a face, shrinking of nose, sarcastic laughter and frowning.
  • Stand neither too close nor too far from the other person.
  • Do not use excessive gesturing.
  • Maintain your poise.

Expertise in communication can have an enormous effect on the development of your personality if you practice regularly. It will not only serve you well in sales, but also in life.

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