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The customer wants to get the most value from a purchase.

Sales Training Course from pdtraining in Atlanta, Manhattan
Develop your selling abilities with training

If you are looking to train in sales, consider taking the Sales Training Course offered by pdtraining in Atlanta, Manhattan and other cities in the U.S.

When you are selling, a customer will be more willing to buy if they believe that your brand will provide them better value than others. For each customer, value can be different. Some are looking for utility, some for looks and some others for the feel. Depending on what you are selling and what the customer is looking to achieve from a purchase, you can adjust your sales tactics. Certain sales techniques, however, provide results every time. These are:

Guarantee Great Experience

Even if customers do not buy on a particular visit, it is important that you give them a great experience. Think of it as an opportunity to market your products/services. Tell them about the product/service that they seem interested in, without pursuing a sale. It will help in word-of-mouth marketing, as the person with whom you shared the qualities of your product/service may share it with others, even if that person did not make a purchase.

Sharing of information will make customers feel important and valued, and at the same time, allow you to build a reputation for your brand. Provide a customer a great experience and its benefits will be seen in an enhanced brand image.

Praise Your Brand; Do Not Discredit Others

When telling customers about the uniqueness of your brand, never put down competitors. If a customer asks about another brand, put forward facts and statistics, and refrain from being judgmental or biased. The customer will notice and appreciate your fairness.

It is best to provide information about the brand that is of the use to the customer. For instance, knowing about an upgrade to an existing product might be interesting to a customer rather than being told about how many celebrities attended the launch of the product.

Be Consistent

Your attitude towards the customer must not change depending on the purchase, what they are purchasing or how much they are purchasing. Even if a person does not make a purchase after taking up your time, remain courteous and keep providing the best service.

Remain professional at all times, irrespective of the response of customers. Even if a person criticizes your products/services, listen patiently and provide a short answer, if required. Always stick to facts when providing information and allow the person to make the decision.

Follow Up

Even if a probable customer does not make a purchase, you may ask for their permission to send them important updates about product/service launches, and/or the discounts you provide on a certain season, month or date. Tell them that the purpose of sending the updates is to provide them better products/services.

Following up by sending people text message or emails will keep your brand in their mind when they decide to make a purchase. Make sure that you send follow up messages occasionally and only when they are of importance to the customer.

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