Top 10 Skills in Time Management for Complex Tasks – USA

Many times, projects suffer in quality due to lack of time, not lack of skills. If you are a manager, executive or a startup leader, time management becomes even more of a challenge: You have to juggle both your team’s needs and your own, says, a leading employment platform.[i] If time is a big issue at work for you, building up on your time management skills can help. Here are the top 10 skills in time management that will help you in managing projects and tasks.


1 Manage Time  Use planning, scheduling and delegating in your time management strategy
2 Set Goals  Set SMART goals and reward yourself for their successful completion
3 Plan & Prioritise Know how to plan and prioritise tasks based on importance
4 Organise Use organisation techniques to keep your electronic and physical workspace neat and productive
5 Enhance Productivity  Keep yourself on top of tasks by using productivity enhancing methods such as listing, creating routines & overcoming procrastination
6 Resolve Problems & Make Decisions  Use problem solving procedure to root out problems and reach the right decision
7 Think Critically Know how to accomplish complex tasks by critically evaluating plans and their outcomes
8 Manage Stress  Adopt relaxation and coping techniques, and make small, significant lifestyle changes
9 Use Outlook for Time Management  Plan, delegate, delay, dump and perform tasks with ease using Outlook
10 Create Work-Life Balance  Know how to manage your time to include family, hobbies and personal care





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