Top 10 Skills for Outstanding Customer Service – USA

According to a study by McKinsey, “70% of the buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.”[i] People buy from companies that really cares for their purchase. A vital factor in expanding customer base and customer retention, organisations are fast recognising this fact. According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.[ii] In order to provide exceptional customer service every time, here are the top 10 must-have skills:


1 Customer Service Essentials Develop great service approaches and know about classic customer behaviour
2 Communication Use verbal and non-verbal communication to influence and persuade
3 Active Listening Know the difference between listening and hearing. Listen with focus and ask questions to understand
4 Body Language Learn how to adopt a positive body language
5 Self-Confidence Exhibit confidence with your body language and the way you talk
6 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Understand and control emotions – of yourself and others – to manage situations and conversations
7 Conflict Resolution Find common ground and individual needs. Reach the best solution through shortlisting and comparing
8 Dealing with Difficult People Cope with difficult people by choosing your response and using coping techniques
9 Time Management Manage your time to remain productive and happy
10 Over the Phone Improve your telephone skills to offer excellent customer service over the phone






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