Top 10 Skills for Building Assertiveness & Self Confidence – USA

Low self-confidence impacts both our personal and professional life. In several studies conducted between 2005 and 2007, University of Florida professor Timothy Judge found that people with high core self evaluations or positive self-concepts had increased levels of job satisfaction, better job performance, higher income, higher work motivation, and reduced stress and burnout.[i] That converts into a better personal life too. The good news is that self-confidence can be built and pretty easily too. Here are top 10 ways to grow confident and become assertive.




Communicate with Confidence

Use the right body language and voice to look and feel confident


Body Language

Know your body language flaws, and practice the right facial expressions, gestures and stances


Influence & Persuade Others

Build rapport, create common goals and define paths to reach those goals


Emotional Intelligence

Tune in to your own emotions and that of others to become aware of your needs and theirs


Resolve Conflicts

Get to the root cause, list out the best possible solutions and choose the one with the most pros than cons


Listen Actively

Listen, not hear. Ask questions to understand, but manage your emotions to facilitate the right response


Handle Difficult Conversations

Control the conversation by using questions, distractions and speaking persuasively. Look to create common ground


Improve Personal Productivity

Create a daily schedule, prioritise, set goals and separate work from home


Become a Leader

Discover your style, share your vision with others, and create a plan to collectively reach those goals


Public Speaking

Find opportunities to speak in public. Prepare your script and delivery to speak with confidence







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