Tips on Closing a Sale – Training Course in Sales in Manhattan, Miami, Orlando

To close a sale you must begin and carry forth a sale with the intention to close.

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Having the Right Intentions

Sales Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Manhattan, Miami, Orlando
Sell better to sell more!

As soon as a customer enters a store, he/she expects to be treated courteously and guided. By beginning a sale right, you can greatly increase the chances of closing a sale. Your intention must be to provide the best service to the customer, whether they decide to buy or not. After politely greeting the customer, you may ask them if they need help. If they ask you something, answer them politely and guide them.

Even if you do not know the answer, never leave them before informing why you are leaving. Also inform them when you will be back. For instance, if a customer asked you if you have laptop covers for 20-inch laptops and you do not know if you have it in stock, tell them that you are going to check if you have it and that will be back in two minutes. To keep them engaged, you may hand over a brochure or guide them towards other products that they may like.

Provide Value, and Not Just in Products

With a global marketplace, customers have many choices. They are more likely to choose a company that provides them more than a good product. They will look at after-sales service, treatment they receive at the store, the availability of the product and related products, etc. If you show them that you provide more value than others, then you have the sale closed.

You can provide better value to customers by providing them outstanding customer service before the purchase, informing them about how you will take care of them after the sales, mentioning your brand reputation, and informing them about how your product will make their life better.

Listen More, Do More

Sometimes, all a customer wants you to do is to listen to them. To identify their needs, you must listen to the customer attentively and then act to fulfill their expectations. Never talk more than your customers. Ideally, you must talk less than 50 percent of how much your customers speak.

You must make an effort to do more for the customer. Be sure that it will be noticed and appreciated by the customer. Go out of the way to help them be comfortable. For example, if a customer who has made a purchase is already carrying many bags, offer help in carrying the bags. Small gestures such as these make a great impression on the customer.

If you take the right steps in closing sales right from the beginning, you will be leading a customer towards closing the sale throughout so that the closing will come naturally.

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