The Seven Steps of Selling – Sales Training Course in Baltimore

Sales Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Baltimore
Make buying a unique experience for customers

Selling may seem simple, but it involves knowing the psychology of customers, communicating, presenting, overcoming objections, and more.

You can build on existing skills in selling by joining Sales Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Baltimore and other cities in the U.S.

More sales can be made if sales professionals can guide customers appropriately towards closing a sale. Influencing customers to purchase and return for more purchases is successful selling. It is very important that sales representatives maintain the balance between aggressive selling and being disinterested. Both are harmful for repeated sales. Even if the customer buys at the moment, there is less likelihood that they will return for more. Allowing them the freedom to make decisions while providing them the best support that is needed to turn new customers into loyal customers.

The seven steps that sales professionals must use to get better at selling are:

1.    Preparation
2.    Opening
3.    Questioning/Gaining Information
4.    Presenting
5.    Overcoming Sales Objections
6.    Closing
7.    Following Up


Sales professionals need to have in-depth information about the products they are selling. Additionally, they must also know about the competitor’s products. Customers often compare similar products of different companies before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it is important to have comprehensive information about other products and also your own.

Those new to this profession may practice likely communications with customers beforehand so that they do not seem hesitant or inexperienced when actually providing help to customers.


Sales Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Baltimore
Make every customer feel special

When approaching a customer to offer assistance, always smile and greet them. Introduce yourself and ask them how you can help them. Be genuinely eager to help. It is very important to be genuine in your expressions, both verbally and nonverbally. An artificial smile and greeting works negatively, as it reveals pretension.

Questioning/Gaining Information

A customer may or may not be sure of what to buy. Women, especially, like to explore before making a purchasing decision. If a customer is unsure of the kind of item to buy, or if they have something in mind, you may ask questions to know their exact preferences. You may provide targeted support accordingly. Knowing the unique wants of a customer is vital in closing sales. Remember that you bridge the gap between what a customer needs and fulfillment of that need.


This phase of selling involves matching the product with customer needs. You may now try to push the sale towards closure by highlighting the advantages of your product. Often, providing additional information about the customer service, warranty, comfort and style of the product, etc. helps to convince a customer to make the purchase.

Overcoming Sales Objections

A customer may raise objections before buying. You must use this as an opportunity to convince the customer that their purchase decision will be a good decision. You must only overcome the objection and not try to push the customer into buying. Customers do not like being forced or dictated. Therefore, maintain the balance between aggressive selling and disinterestedness.


Sometimes, sales professionals stop making efforts to please the customers after they have made a purchasing decision. This indicates to the customer that the company may not provide them support after the sale has been made. To avoid creating such a negative impression on customers, you must keep providing them with excellent support until they have walked out of the store.

Following Up

To show to customers that the company cares for them even after a sale has been made, it is important to follow up to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the product. Following up also keeps a brand fresh in the memory of customers so that when they are looking to buy again, they consider purchasing from you.

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