Manage Training Budgets More Effectively in the Cloud

Managing Training Budgets in the Cloud from pd training USA.

pd training TMC

The best way to manage and control your training budgets (and to report on the success of the training) is using the Training Management Center (TMC) from pd training.

The TMC is a powerful tool that makes planning, reporting and managing training and development initiatives simple, and is available free of charge.

All clients benefit from a range of standard features such as: instant quoting for tailored training nationally, 3 click enrollments, budgetary and cost control, customized schedules, negotiated rates and many other features such as online access to all booking history and student certificates of completion.

You can even advertise the courses internally by displaying a schedule of approved courses – at your special negotiated rates on your training intranet site. Premium features include ROI in training and free upgrades to scheduled releases including Performance Appraisals and Competency Mapping.

Many training managers secure their remaining budgets in the Training Management Center before the end of Financial Year so they can ‘spend it this year, and use it next year’.

Training Credit in the Training Management Center is available to use on any of our pd training options – In-house courses, public classes, online instructor-led courses and eLearning.

  • Complete History – review all training programs, planned and completed
  • Invite, remind, follow-up participants to the course
  • Class sign in sheet, Invoices, receipts and PDF Certificates of Completion automatically created, ready for you to download
  • Report on activity and generate individual detailed feedback and aggregate reporting – quality assurance and easy to audit
  • Pre-pay and Maximise national training budgets
  • Report on ROI from training investment (Premium Licence)
  • Co Branded Certificates (premium feature)

You view your balance and keep track of costs online while managing all of your staff course bookings in one easy to access portal.

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