Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement

Lean Six Sigma Global Benchmark worldwide with pd training

To effectively implement and manage Lean Six Sigma, some employees require basic knowledge of the methodologies while others require deep understanding and enhanced skills in it.

Lean Six Sigma is used at various levels of an organization.

As the level of knowledge and skills required differs for different job profiles, pd training has specialized training courses in Lean Six Sigma to suit every need.

The introductory course in Lean Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma Introduction Training Course, provides basic knowledge of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, process mapping, process management, process improvement, and the use of Lean Six Sigma terminology. This course is designed for beginners, and for those who only require basic knowledge of the methodologies to perform their jobs expertly.

Along with the Yellow BeltGreen Belt, and Black Belt training courses, pd training’s other training courses on Lean Six Sigma are designed for providing specialized training according to different job requirements.

Post-Class Competency Assessment & Certificate

As an Accredited Training Organization for Six Sigma, pdtraining will offer you the opportunity to take an assessment at the end of your class that validates your knowledge and understanding of Lean Six Sigma to the highest standard.

Certification Exam

A certification preparation kit is included in your materials. Our belt training courses prepare you for
(the only) internationally-recognized Six Sigma certifications.

Exams are administered in one of 9000 testing centers worldwide.

Visit pdtraining global site to see how we can support your LSS, Continuous Improvement and other training needs in Australia, USA and other training initiatives across the world.

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