Know What Your Body Expresses to Others: Body Language Training in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston

We use our bodies to express our thoughts and feelings at all times, but mostly subconsciously.

To develop skills and awareness of body language, consider taking the Body Language Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, and other cities in the U.S.

Body Language Training Course in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston from pdtraining
Control your body language

Most of us cannot control our body language because we are not aware of what it reveals about us. Awareness is the first step towards change. Therefore, to control and change your body language, you need to first identify how your body responds to different situations. For example, if you discover that you tend to laugh sarcastically when faced with criticism, you might want to alter that reaction when in a professional environment.

Observe Your Reactions

We have different personas. What we are at home, which is a safe and private environment, is not what we are outside or in an unfamiliar and intimidating environment. Our body responds to threat, unpleasantness and pleasure instinctively. To look controlled and calm even in an uncomfortable environment, you need to train your body not to show your displeasure, frustration, or fear.

Observing your reactions is necessary. Pick your unique reactions that may reveal your weaknesses. In your mind, see yourself being faced with an uncomfortable situation and check the response of your body to it. Carrying forth the example above, if you still react to criticism with a sarcastic laugh, then you need to consciously work to give a more appropriate response. Imagining scenarios to practice control is a good technique to mentally prepare ourselves for the reality. You will find it much easier to practice it in reality if you have mentally prepared yourself beforehand.

Know Your Comfort Level

Depending on our personalities, we are comfortable performing certain actions, being at a certain place, and interacting with certain people and objects. An introvert will be comfortable alone and an extrovert will be comfortable in a crowd. Your likes and dislikes make up your personality, but to achieve growth, you need to work on your limitations. Therefore, identify the situations that make you uncomfortable.

Remember to think about those situations that you will need to face in the future. Identify the reasons for your discomfort. Was it the ambiance of the place, was it the people, or was it unfamiliarity.

If you can change the reason for your discomfort, then you do not need to worry. If you cannot, then you will need to control and master your reaction to the unpleasantness. If you know beforehand that you will be uncomfortable in a situation or with a person, prepare yourself mentally so that you easily overcoming any negativity that your body may express due to the discomfort.

Identify, Control and Master

For those who are required to interact with many people due to their work or lifestyle, it is essential to gain control of their body language. We all take cues from others’ body language to understand them and their communications better. To master communications, create an appropriate impression on others, and to strengthen the impact of your speech, you must develop the ability to identify, control and master your body language. Once you have gained control of it, you will enjoy its benefits for life.

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