How to Improve your Self-Image: Assertiveness & Self Confidence Course in Philadelphia, Orlando, Seattle

How you see yourself is how you present yourself in front of others.

To gain important knowledge to improve your personality, join Assertiveness & Self Confidence Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Philadelphia, Orlando, Seattle and other cities in the U.S.

Assertiveness & Self Confidence Training Course from pdtraining in Philadelphia, Orlando, Seattle
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We all have a certain image of ourselves. It is the way we see ourselves and our capabilities. Our self-image is determined by many factors, including our childhood experiences, financial and social status, educational background, culture, and environment. Even though many of the reasons that impact our self-image are beyond our control, we can improve the way we see ourselves using certain powerful techniques.

Method to Determine your Self Worth

We are not sure about how exactly we see ourselves. Sometimes, we feel good about ourselves, and something not so good. Many times, our self-image changes according to how we are treated by others.

To know exactly how you see yourself, imagine yourself alone in wilderness. There is a river flowing. Look down into a river. You can see your reflection in the water. What is the image of yourself that you see? Remember that there is nobody with you or watching you. The image that you see in the water is the way you see yourself. The image you see can be very different from the you looking into the river. This is a method hypnotists use to identify and heal people from hurt, and damaged self-image.

Improving Your Self Image

Do not worry if you see a poor self-image. Now that you know exactly how you see yourself, you can work towards improvement. To improve your self-image, you first need to take control of your life. Identify the areas that worry or sadden you. Try to find ways through which you can make those things affect you less negativity. Can you totally remove those stressors? Often, taking control of the situation and acting assertively reduces or eliminates the stressors.

If the stressors bother you because of your limitations, begin to strengthen yourself. Believe in your capabilities and keep working to remove your weaknesses. You can again go back to the river and look at yourself. You will see changes in how you see yourself if your self image or your life has changed.

Using Empowering Self Talk

To make yourself believe in your capabilities, you need to train your mind to know that you are capable of accomplishing anything. It might seem like a huge claim, but belief and faith are the most potent qualities that have the power to bring about enormous changes.

Before you leave the bed in the morning, spend five minutes to tell yourself that you know that you can overcome the greatest of obstacles. You can customize this to suit your goals or purpose, but the essential thing is not to say it to yourself, but to believe it to be the truth. Know that you are capable, do not think or say that you are capable.

If you keep practicing empowering self talk every day for even a week or two, you will see how positive, empowered and capable you begin to feel. Make sure to continue to train your mind in positivity to continue to reap its benefits.

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