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Influence and Persuade at Work Training Course Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston from pd training
Develop skills to lead a team towards growth

The human workforce resource is one of the most important building blocks of an organization.

By participating in Building High Performance Teams Training from pdtraining in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, you can develop skills to build powerful teams.

A powerful workforce achieves better productivity at lower costs, reduces conflicts at the workplace, and helps a company to overcome internal and external challenges. To build a motivated, empowered and satisfied workforce, certain tools and techniques are required.

Influence and Persuasion

Groups of teams and individual employees need to be motivated by influencing and persuading them to develop their skills and personality. The management of the company must ensure that the employees are guided consistently towards growth. To generate an atmosphere where employees are motivated, specific skills such as effective communication, rapport building, skilled leadership, persuasive presentation strategies, and mentoring are required. Skills needed to influence and persuade include matching, mirroring, pushing and pulling, storytelling, and pacing.

A leader skilled in the techniques to influence others is able to turn the negative into the positive with respect to:

  • An employee’s commitment to the company
  • Productivity
  • Work satisfaction
  • Growth level
  • Confidence
  • Team-spirit

Channelling an employee’s growth toward important milestones helps to achieve prioritized tasks faster, without wasting resources. It helps employees to become valued members of a team where each team member aims to achieve the maximum growth as an individual and a unit.

Handling Difficult People

There are two types of challenges: those created by people and those created by the environment. At a workplace, employees face both challenges. Though challenges created by forces that are beyond our control cannot be avoided, it is important that the challenges posed by people are handled efficiently so that employees can have a healthy work environment.

To handle a difficult person, it is essential to prepare, plan, understand, predict, and act to resolve the problem. Training in handling difficult people and situations provides skill development in strategy building, active listening, rationalizing, delivering solutions, altering perceptions, responding, exploring options, and proceeding with the resolution.

Effective handling of difficult people and situations helps to avoid:

  • Build-up of conflicts
  • Dissatisfaction among employees
  • Non-cooperation
  • Disturbances and distractions
  • Bitterness and negativity towards other employees and/or the company

For the building of a powerful workforce, the positives need to be reinforced and rewarded, and the negatives rooted out before they do damage. A highly productive and motivated workforce can be created by developing and using the right strategies and skills.

FISH! is one such strategy that has been helping companies worldwide to create workforces that deliver outstanding results. Companies that make use of such highly effective strategies for human resource management develop the strength and the stability to overcome internal and external challenges.

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