Goal Setting and Accomplishing Tasks: Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants in Miami, Orlando

Prioritizing, setting goals, and organizing are some of the skills a personal assistant uses to deliver timely results.

Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants, a training course from pdtraining delivered in Miami, Orlando
Meet goals through planning and prioritizing

To become a highly valuable asset to your company, consider training to develop Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants, a training course from pdtraining delivered in Miami, Orlando and other cities in the U.S.

Categorizing Goals: While managing various different tasks, it is easy to lose track of what is urgent and what is important. To achieve goals on time, a personal assistant needs to develop skills in goal setting. Goals can be divided according to their deadline, type, priority, etc., especially if you have various goals to fulfill. It helps to prioritize tasks correctly, and manage them better.

List and Measure Goals: To make it easier to remember goals, list them based on their priority so that you know which task you need to work on first. It is even better if you can include the number of hours it will take you to complete a task. That will help in better management of your time.

Break Larger Tasks into Smaller Ones: When you are given the responsibility of completing larger tasks, break them into smaller tasks for better management and control. You may create personal deadlines for accomplishing them. It is advisable to set a deadline a little before the official deadline for a task so that even if you are unable to meet your personal deadline, you will still have time to complete the task.

Set Realistic Goals: Always prioritize and set goals depending upon your capability. Be realistic when setting deadlines for goals. You may complete them well before the deadline, but always consider the time you may lose because of obstacles. It is better to be careful than to blame the delay on a problem.

Evaluate Problems: Before promising results, especially for time sensitive jobs, consider the issues that my hinder the timely completion of the job. You may inform your boss about the possibility of the problem arising while being optimistic about completing the job on time. This evaluation will help you to prepare for the problems if they arise.

Keep it Simple: When setting goals, keep them simple and clear. Avoid going into tangents or including unnecessary information. Use as few words as possible to list goals. Create short lists instead of one long one for the entire month. The way you set goals will impact the way you think about them. Making a complicated list of goals will make you see the tasks as elaborate, and therefore, difficult to accomplish. Making a simple and precise list, on the other hand, will help you to think clearly.

Staying on Track: With various distractions such as social media, email, text messages, and Internet surfing, it is easy to stray from determined goals. To achieve your goals, you will need to remove or minimize distractions by managing your time skillfully. It might take a little time to remove distractions and stay focused, but you will see a marked improvement in your performance after you do.

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