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To gain satisfaction out of your job, you need to be able to manage yourself and those around you.

Foundation Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants Training Course offered by pdtraining in Dallas
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Develop new skills by participating in Foundation Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants Training Course offered by pdtraining in Dallas and other cities in the U.S.

Along with work, the work environment also impacts performance. The people around you influence your thoughts and behavior. To build a good work environment, you need to manage yourself and also those you come in contact with. It will make you feel positive and valued, and improve your job satisfaction.

Identify Time Wasters

Managing yourself involves training yourself to be assertive, making decisions, knowing when to seek help, communicating with others appropriately, identifying your priorities, and managing your time. To make a significant improvement in yourself and how you work, you must first identify the weakest areas. Your weakest areas are time wasters. These are activities that are not contributing to your or anybody’s welfare in any way.

Some of the common time wasters are:

  • Repeatedly checking social networking sites
  • Sending and checking instant messages
  • Checking emails too many times
  • Responding to interruptions
  • Taking too many snack breaks
  • Talking over the phone

To remove time wasters from your life, you need to wean them off and not cut them out suddenly.

Wean Yourself Off Time Wasters

To get rid of time wasters, you need to shift them and not cut them out. To do that, compare your busy days and leisure days. Find out which activities during your busy days can be passed over to your leisure days. For instance, if you watch a television show every weekday when you cannot afford to spend so much time on it, you can record them and watch them back-to-back on weekends. It will save you many hours during the weekdays that you can use for more beneficial activities, such as exercising.

During the weekends, you will probably have other important tasks to do such as gardening, going to the salon, cleaning the house, and so on. Maybe you will watch a couple of episodes and leave the rest for next weekend. Slowly, watching the show will become less of a priority for you. Make sure to use this method only if you believe that you are wasting time on a particular activity and want to change that habit.

Many time wasters are initiated by others. Colleagues coming over for chitchat, messages from friends, or phone alerts lead to the wastage of a great amount of time. To reduce such disturbances and distractions, you can keep your phone on silent when at work, refuse to lose concentration when others interrupt you at work, and request that your colleagues avoid disturbing you during work.

Instead of procrastinating work, you must procrastinate distractions. If you get a message on your phone that you know that cannot be important, then you must delay checking it. Developing this habit will give you more time for the things that you need to do at work, as well as outside of work.

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