Five Ways to Sell Better and Sell More – Sales Training Course in Atlanta, Los Angeles

Selling requires skills in balancing, timing, and knowing when, where and how to help.

Sales Training Course in Atlanta, Los Angeles from pdtraining
Satisfy customers to retain them

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A sales professional when offering help to customers in person, over the phone or through written communication, must keep in mind the interests of both the customers and the company. Leaning heavily towards the customer can mean losses for the company, and leaning towards the company can mean losing customers. Therefore, balancing is an important quality a sales professional must develop to fulfill customer expectations and achieve growth for the company.

1.      Balance Speaking and Listening

To engage customers, you must know when to speak and when to listen. It is preferable to listen when a customer is providing relevant information that will help you to provide better value, or to resolve an objection or a complaint. After a customer has communicated, you must then respond appropriately. Listening to the customer is as important as providing helpful support. Even if you are unable to help a customer, listening to them shows that you value them.

2.      Match Looks and Mannersims

If you dress formally, but your mannerisms reveal informality, then the impression created by your appearance will not remain for long. Make sure that you match your speech and mannerisms with the way you are dressed. Joking with colleagues or making remarks in the presence of customers reveals unprofessionalism. When there are customers around, always remember to be thoroughly professional in your thoughts, looks and manners.

3.      Be Attentive to Customers

There is nothing that displeases a customer more than being ignored. When a customer enters a store or a company office, he/she expects to be welcomed and guided. Whenever customers show interest in your company, greet them and ask if they would like help. If they want to explore themselves, inform them about where they can find you if they need help. Be polite and welcoming at all times.

4.     Concentrate on the Positive

When dealing with customers, you must make efforts to stay positive in what you say and how you say it. Even when talking about your competitors, never use negative language or insult them. It will not impress customers because to customers, value is of primary importance. Be positive in your mannerisms and persona. Smile often, talk positively and always be ready to assist.

5.      Give Your Best Every Time

Our thoughts dictate our actions. If you think positively and respect customers, it will show in your actions. Always try to help customers in getting the best value for their money. Sales is about building trust and gaining loyal customers. Getting a one-time sale must not be the goal of sales, but to create customers that love the brand. If you target your efforts to please customers, it will show in your sales.

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