Five Essential Traits for a Trainer: Training the Trainer in Atlanta and Baltimore

Handling a class of students requires not one, but a set of skills.

Train the Trainer Training Course Atlanta, Baltimore from pd training
Gain mastery in training through skill building

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Training in a dynamic environment where the participants respond, raise questions and may face difficulties in learning is a challenge. To masterfully provide training, you need both skills and experience. Of course, you will gain experience with time, but skill development will make your journey to mastery easy and quicker.

The five must-have qualities for a trainer are:

1.       Communication Skills

Since a trainer is required to interact with the students to assist them in learning, he/she needs to have excellent communication skills. Some things that a trainer will need to develop to improve communication abilities is paying close attention to body language, tone and pitch of voice, clarity of speech, and the speed of speech.

Listen to a popular television presenter and observe how they speak and conduct themselves when in front of the camera. Your voice must sound pleasant and your facial expressions and body language must be positive. As a trainer, the way you handle yourself in a training session will determine the mood of the session. If you are tensed or turn negative, even in response to something or someone, the participants might not feel welcomed to share more during the training.

2.       Planning

A well-planned training session shows in its quality. Before the training, make sure you have everything that you might need during the training. Also remember to create a backup of things that you think might go wrong. Even if something goes wrong in spite of your best efforts, be honest and share your feelings with the participants. You might even ask them to help you out. Allow your training session to be inclusive.

3.       Creative Thinking for Handling Emergencies

To handle a dynamic environment of a training class, you need to develop the ability to think creatively. A trainer not only delivers knowledge, but also through his/her mannerisms and insight, shows the trainees how they can enrich their lives. Creative thinking in a trainer helps when handling a crisis. Use innovation when required, and create a new experience for the trainees.

4.       Positivity and Openness

An important part of training is interaction. A trainer wants the trainees to share their doubts, queries and limitations with them so that they can learn better. A trainer must consciously, through speech and mannerisms, show the trainees that they are free to share, and that they will not be judged. Creating an environment open to learning is vital for the success of a training class. Positivity and openness are two characteristics that trainers should possess to encourage more sharing and better learning to take place in their class.

5.       Time Management

A training session is bound by time. You only have a certain number of hours to train a person or a group. Creating pockets of time for each important training requirement will help you to be organized in your planning, thoughts and the delivery. Managing your time well during a training session will ensure that the trainees have gained all that you planned to deliver.

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