Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants Training – Chicago, Atlanta

Knowing the importance of the job of an Executive Assistant is the first step to achieve growth in this career.

To gain basic skills, consider participating in Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants Training Course by pdtraining in Chicago, Atlanta and other U.S. cities.

Foundation Skills for PA's and Executive Assistants Training Course in Chicago, Atlanta from pd training
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An Executive Assistant is the first point of contact for internal and external clients. Along with providing support to clients, business partners and other external contacts, an executive assistant also provides important support to the organization’s management. Development of important skills that enhance the personality and improves job skills is essential for an Executive Assistant.

An Executive Assistant is required to perform a variety of jobs in a work day, including providing professional support, follow-up communications, schedule and manage meetings, record important matters, and even fulfill personal requirements. Personal assistants, therefore, need to continuously upgrade their skills to stay on top of the latest technologies, management systems, and professional communication skills.

There is specific knowledge and skills based on their job profile that a Personal Executive needs to use in their everyday work, including building a confident and controlled personality. To achieve growth as a professional, development of the skills mentioned below is vital:


  • Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Organizing
  • Influencing
  • Time management
  • Prioritizing
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision-making
  • Consensus-building
  • Managing oneself and others

Building of these skills empower an executive assistant to work well with their superiors, manage others effectively, and complete and manage tasks on time. As an executive assistant needs to communicate with many people and also complete tasks, it is important for them to develop and polish skills in management.

Training for PA’s and executive assistants includes development of skills and knowledge specific to their role in an organization. The training allows them to become:

  • Highly organized by using smart and efficient systems
  • More efficient by managing time better
  • More productive by prioritising time and completing tasks on time
  • Highly effective with verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Proactive
  • Adept at dealing with their manager more effectively
  • Aware of the techniques of self-management
  • Skilled in convincing and influencing others

By developing these skills, executive assistants can bring a significant change in the way they work. It will enhance their personality, allow them to smoothly complete tasks and manage others, and will provide them with the confidence to handle difficult situations.  As improving on professional capabilities is essential for every professional, training in developing practical skills help to improve professional and personal worth, and prepares an executive assistant for further growth in their career.

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