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The appearance and mannerisms of a customer service representative reflects the quality of service and the brand.

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Customers expect to be helped by customer service personnel at a store when they are considering buying a product. When receiving help, they consider the quality of the help provided. If the customer has to call for help three times before the customer service provider strolls up to them, then it cannot be called good service even though the help has been provided.

What To Do

There are basic service expectations that must be provided to every customer. Some of the important mannerisms that a customer service provider must follow at all occasions are:

  • Smile when meeting a customer for the first time.
  • Greet the customer. Make it genuine.
  • Speak in a voice that is neither too soft nor too loud.
  • Listen attentively to the customer and nod to indicate that you are listening.
  • Keep your phone on vibrator.
  • Offer help and mean it.
  • Get help from somebody else if you cannot help the customer with a request.

When customers feel valued, they feel inclined to come to the store again to repeat that experience. To provide such an experience to customers, each customer service provider must be trained to provide instant and courteous service to every customer aimed at making the customer happy.

How To Exceed Customer Expectations

Every company with outstanding customer service goes out of its way to turn a customer a loyal customer. A loyal customer is one that suggests, and convinces, other people to buy that company’s products or services. To build loyal customers, excellent face-to-face service is most important. It impacts a customer more than electronic or telephonic customer service because it is a more complete service experience. To give customers more than they expect, customer service professionals can use the following tips:

  • Remember their names. When you remember someone’s name, they feel valued. When you call someone by their name, it develops familiarity and camaraderie.
  • Make things easier for them. Try to do things that will make it easier for the customer to use, carry, replace or maintain the product or service that they have purchased. For example, if they have bought a computer, offer to customize it for them.
  • Inspect products before handing them over to the customer. It shows that you want to prevent any discomfort to the customer.
  • Give what the customers expect, and more of it. Every customer has different expectations. Some like to get a good bargain, some focus on style, and others on usability. Identify the expectation of the customer and then work to provide the most support that you can in that area. The customer will appreciate it more.
  • Be at your best until the customer is out of the door. Do not begin to take the customer for granted after closing a sale. The job of a customer service professional is not finished until the customer has left the premises. Continue to provide support to the very end.

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