Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training – Motivating Oneself and Others – Chicago, Philadelphia

Emotional intelligence helps you to handle things that are unpleasant by building knowledge and positivity.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Chicago, Philadelphia
Find health and happiness at work and life

To develop positivity within yourself to handle difficult people and situations, you may join the Emotional intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities in the U.S.

There are many things in life and work that you do not particularly like to do, but are required for your own growth and for the growth of your loved ones. Nobody likes to pay taxes, talk to difficult people, or be unjustly criticized, but sometimes we cannot avoid facing such situations. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) allows you to understand others’ motives when they indulge in difficult behavior, and control your own reaction to difficult people and situations. This way, you lessen the negative impact of the interaction.

Motivating Yourself

To motivate yourself to do better not only in terms of the work that you do, but also in the person that you are, you must find ways to motivate yourself that are encouraging and fun. We all are attracted towards things that we enjoy. If you enjoy listening to a motivational speaker or a story that is motivational and entertaining, then you are more likely to come back to it the next day. On the other hand, if you only listen to something with the expectation that it will make you work 12 hours that day, then you may not feel inclined to do it again after a few days. Remember that you need consistency when motivating yourself. That is why choosing something that is a combination of fun and motivational works best.

Get Positivity from Others

There is nothing that saps positivity more than negative people. They may have reasons to be pessimistic in life, but it is better if you do not allow their pessimism to influence you. It is common knowledge that the people we interact with, and our circumstances, affect our thoughts and behavior. Therefore, it is best to limit your interaction with negative people.

Remember that negativity is not the same as carefulness. Negativity is when a person discourages you without any good reason. On the other hand, carefulness is when a person discourages you and provides you valid reasons for not doing something.

Spread Positivity to Others 

When you build positivity in yourself though self-motivation and surrounding yourself with positive people, you naturally spread positivity to others. When you do that, you enjoy better relationships at work and in life. Nobody does that better than positive and motivated people, but being motivated everyday requires constant effort. That is because we all have both positive and negative characteristics.

To build positivity within yourself, you need to kill the negative energy to allow the positive feelings to dominate. Self-motivation by listening, watching and participating in events that bring out the positivity in you can help you to think and act positivity.

Your thoughts are an important vehicle to change how you act. Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively or discouragingly, either talk to a friend or a loved one that always pushes you towards betterment, or watch something funny, motivational or encouraging. Even when thinking negatively, recognize that you are thinking negatively and that it will have a bad impact on you. This realization in itself will drastically lessen the impact of the negative thoughts and feelings upon you.

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