Benefits of Lean Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in Manhattan, Atlanta

Lean Six Sigma focuses on achieving process improvement that is continuous.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course from pdtraining in Manhattan, Atlanta
Achieve Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma

To achieve Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma, consider participating in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Manhattan, Atlanta and other cities in the U.S.

Lean Six Sigma uses various methodologies to analyze, improve, control and monitor processes with the aim to eliminate defects and increase productivity. Both Lean and Six Sigma work in tandem to eliminate defects from their root cause to minimize variability in processes that leads to greater efficiency in processes.

To achieve process improvement, Lean Six Sigma uses methodologies such as DMAIC, DMADV or DFSS, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, capability analysis, project selection, etc. The improvement achieved by Lean Six Sigma is continuous because the results achieved continue to be monitored.

Lean Six Sigma identifies, measures and analyzes the potential of a process. After determining the potential, analysis is conducted based on measurable data. During the analysis, the root causes of defects and errors are discovered. The root causes are then eliminated and the results are measured. The processes are controlled and the results achieved by are monitored to ensure that processes operate at their optimum level.

An organization that operates on Lean Six Sigma is able to drastically reduce the number of defects per million opportunities. By eliminating defects, Lean Six Sigma reduces variability in processes, leading to reduction in cost, and improvement in productivity.

Both Lean and Six Sigma help to enhance the quality of the end product/service while reducing costs. Companies such as Ford, LG,, Boeing, Chevron, Motorola, Patheon, General Electric, Intel, Whirlpool, Vodafone, Xerox, Heinz Co., Finning, etc. through Lean Six Sigma increase the productivity, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their end product/service.

Lean Six Sigma through process improvement and cost reduction provide businesses with the power to remain on top of competition, provide better quality products/services to their customers, and reduce their costs of production drastically through the elimination of defects and waste.

The roles determined under Lean Six Sigma namely Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, Champions, etc. are designed to allow correct implementation of Lean Six Sigma. These duties allow smooth and quick implementation of Lean Six Sigma in an organization. It helps to avoid confusion, chaos, and conflicts during the implementation and carrying out of a Lean Six Sigma project.

Six Sigma is largely implemented in large organizations and helps them to save many dollars in production. In 1998, GE announced that it saved $350 million because of Lean Six Sigma. The figure grew to $1 billion. Lean Six Sigma today is considered an important methodology that is used by millions of companies worldwide.

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